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Rezola Growth There are several basic rules with which you can easily pick an option. The bridesmaid cannot look better than the bride and groom - this applies to both dresses and hairstyles. A girl who marries, in any case, must be the most beautiful, so most often the bridesmaids choose the same outfits and hairstyles so that they do not stand out against the general background. Light wedding hairstyles can be hair curled and laid on one side. This form is perfect for a magnificent dress. You can also collect curls in a neat bundle, while avoiding bright and large hair accessories (hairstyle for a short dress). Never use fresh flowers in the hairstyle of the bridesmaids - they will resemble the hairstyle of the bride and groom. Stylists recommend that bridesmaids make their hairstyle at the wedding of a friend slightly sloppy, as if unfinished - it looks fashionable and stylish, while classic smooth hairstyles will add age and not at all inappropriate severity to you. An excellent universal solution for a bridesmaid will be an evening hairstyle - just loosen / lift curls or wavy hair and you will look elegant without overshadowing the hero of the occasion. Remember that the volume of your hairstyle directly depends on the length of the dress - the shorter it is, the less volume should be on the hair, otherwise you will get the look of a balloon on a thread. First of all, the bridesmaid's hairstyle should be comfortable. To prevent your hair from messing up during the wedding, turning into a sloppy pile, you can make a ponytail after straightening your hair with a special iron. If you still want to decorate a simple hairstyle with your own hands, give preference to a plain ribbon to match the color of the dress or a small beautiful hairpin. You can also make a hairstyle in the Greek style, twisting on top of many curls on top and leaving them to fall picturesquely onto the shoulders. In order not to miscalculate your wedding hairstyle, conduct a “dress rehearsal” - make the desired styling and “try on” it with the selected outfit.


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